For Scouts



In order to officially join us, please complete the Registration Packet listed below.

The requested information is important to the Troop or BSA for various reasons - at least two very important ones - health and safety.

The Youth Application form will be turned into the Pacific Skyline Council and will register your daughter with Scouts BSA on the National level. The Troop retains a copy of this completed form. Our Membership chairperson, can supply you with a copy of this form or you can download the form, fill it out and bring us two signed copies. 

Please complete only Parts A and B of the Medical Form at this time. Make copies of front and back of your insurance card and submit with the form. This information is critical so that we are aware of any health/medical issues we may need to deal with and allows us to ensure the continued safety and good health of your daughter and the other scouts in the troop. The information on the Health Form will be kept strictly confidential at all times. 
Note: Parts A and B of the Health Form are required before going on any activity. Part C is required before attending any activity > 72 hours (i.e. summer camp) and must be completed by a certified and licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or a physician's assistant.

3. Pay Registration Fee
Please make the check payable to "Troop 103" in the amount of $310 if joining in September (Covers period from September 1 to August 31). If joining at any other time of the year, the amount will be prorated.

Troop dues are used to pay for the following:
         1. Outing costs: scout food, campground fees, and transportation.  The type of outings that would be included are such as:
    • Oljato work parties
    • Gold Rush (aka Mountain Man Rendezvous)
    • Henry Coe Camping/Hiking
    • Yosemite Hiking/Camping/Skating
    • Russian River Ice Skating/Camping/Kayaking
    • MacDonald Ranch Hiking/Camping/Orienteering
    • Camp Sylvester Snow Camping/Caving
    • American River White Water Rafting/Camping 
    • New Brighton State Beach Family Camping
    2. Scout Registration/Rechartering/Insurance Fee (Pacsky Council and National) $45/scout
    3. Adult Volunteer Registration/Rechartering Fee/Insurance Fee (Pacsky Council and National) $45/adult
    4. Advancement costs, such as merit badges and rank patches/pins and COHs
    5. Troop gear (tents, patrol boxes, camping stove, etc.)
Oljato summer camp is a separate expense, as are admissions to activities, such as AdvanceCamp.  

4. Please bring the entire packet to our next Troop or Committee meeting. 

For All Scouts Volunteers Ages 14-17
Your child may need assistance in setting up the registration online.  Please assist.
Youth between the ages of 14 up to their 18 birthday, must complete the VIRTUS® Healthy Relationships for Teens online training course for volunteer service eligibility and must renew the training every 2 years to maintain eligibility up to 18 years of age. Once the teen reaches 18 years of age, they are required to take the adult training programs in order to continue their service.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.