Welcome to the Girls Troop 4103 Website

Are you a girl who loves adventure and the outdoors?  

If so, we would love to welcome you into our troop!

Join us if you are 11-17 years old, or have completed fifth grade, or earned the Arrow of Light. 

Girls Troop 4103 will meet 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. on Mondays at St. Simon Parish Los Altos.  

We are proud members of the Pacific Skyline Council of the Scouts BSA and the World Organization of the Scout Movement.

Girls Troop 4103 leadership is dedicated to helping girls grow in their leadership skills through positive interactions with older and more experienced scouts and also through leading younger scouts, all in a safe, supervised environment. 
Scouts in the troop will plan the activities for the year, with meetings and other activities every two months. Popular events will be held almost every year, such as the beach camp and winter sports. Other trips will include hiking, fishing, archery, orienteering, backpacking, kayaking, snow caving, and white water rafting. The week long summer camp at Camp Oljato is another highlight in which many of the scouts will have an opportunity to participate. High adventure outings will be available for the older scouts. 

When a scout first joins, the emphasis will be on welcoming her and teaching the basic scouting skills, both from the scout
handbook and from the older scouts. As the scout progresses in rank from Scout to Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class, she will become progressively proficient at first aid, emergency preparedness, knots and lashings, camping, hiking, orienteering, cooking, all while learning both how to prepare for a safe camping experience and how to act calmly when things don't go as planned.


After the scout has learned the basics there will be many leadership opportunities available both to help cement the scout's skills and to help the scout teach the skills to incoming scouts. Scouts may serve as patrol leaders, who are responsible for their patrol's preparedness and who also serve on the Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) to help guide the activities of the troop as a whole. Scouts may also hold leadership positions within the troop, such as quartermaster, chaplain aide, librarian, scribe, webmaster, assistant senior patrol leader, and senior patrol leader, who leads the entire troop during the weekly meetings and other activities. 

While the scouts will be under the supervision of the scoutmaster and the assistant scoutmasters, the emphasis will always be on the scouts providing the leadership and the adults providing whatever coaching is necessary. There will be regular leadership training sessions held for the scouts, using the Troop Leadership Training materials, to ensure that the scouts understand their position and are equipped with the necessary skills. Patrols in girls Troop 4103 will be typical “Baden Powell” patrols where there will be a mix of older and younger scouts, with the older scouts supporting and teaching the younger scouts.

For more information check out the Family Scouting Overwiev video.


Scouts BSA Girls Troop 4103, 1860 Grant Road Los Altos Email: scoutmaster@troop4103losaltos.org